Babysitting Buddies

Imagine never having to pay for a babysitter. You could get to the salon, do some shopping or catch up with friends. Plus you’d save over $1000 a year.

Babysitting Buddies is an online mother’s group. It’s essentially a Babysitting Club. Barter style using points instead of $.

Instead of paying $15 – $25 an hour for a babysitter, just spend time looking after a friend’s children to earn points. Then use those points when you want to go out to ‘pay’ for a babysitter from your group.

It’s as simple as that.


You’re probably spending $1,200 a year just on babysitters.

Do the maths. Babysitter average per hour = $20.  Night out from 7pm – midnight = $100.  Once a month x 12 months = $1,200.


Who babysits?

Who should join?

You choose. Join a group with parents you know and trust. They could be from school / pre-school, sports groups, your mother’s group or just old friends. Parents of young children (up to age 10) who are staying home more than they’d like because they can’t find or afford a sitter.



  • $9.99
    per month
  • No ongoing commitment. Leave any time.
  • Babysitting is free!
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Foundation membership

  • $0.00
    for first 6 months
  • Limited offer to first 100 new members.
  • Babysitting is free!
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  • $80
    12 months
  • Save $40 with an annual membership
  • Babysitting is free!
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